Attention: This is for anyone who is having a challenging time facing the holiday season and who wants to see family stress and strife transform into a brand new joy-filled connection.

Dreading the holiday season? 5 Secrets to Turning Strife-filled Family Dynamics into Fresh Family Connection–with Joy—and Immediately!

This is for anyone who has stressful family dynamics and would like to create some fresh family joy this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

Yes, you really can experience a brand new family dynamic this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.  You have the power to change the atmosphere.  I will show you how.  All it takes is setting up one shot of joy!

From the desk of Veronica Karaman
Monday morning

Getting together with family over the holidays should be a fantastically meaningful time, shouldn’t it?  While for many the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is a wonderful time of year, for others it is filled with conflict, struggle, and emotional pain.  You smile on the outside, but on the inside, you are cringing, hoping that you will not be devalued and disrespected one more time by those whom you love the most.


Does this sound familiar:

You know what?  I get your pain. 

I have experienced every one of the above scenarios—and I also have experienced the real transformation that can take place once you know this powerful truth:  YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE.

I am zealous about your BEING POWERFUL about your relationships—and getting the MEANINGFUL CONNECTION you authentically want and DESERVE this holiday season.  I am going to take you by the hand, lead you step-by-step, and show you how to get that.

Let’s face it.  It’s been a very challenging year for most of us: unprecedented financial loss, fore-closures, job losses, and all the relationship stress that goes along with life challenges.  It’s not too late to reclaim the holidays and the love we all want to experience from our loved ones.  It is completely possible for you to make a fresh family connection.  It does not have to take a lot of time, but it does take a special kind of wisdom, heart, and intention to make it happen.  No, you can’t make another person into who you want them to be, but you can create a positively powerful and life-giving atmosphere that invites them to connect with you—and opens up their spirit to respond to yours.  I’ve seen it happen time after time.

But who am I and why should you listen to me?

Veronica My name is Veronica Karaman. For the last 25 years I have been passionate about identifying and releasing the true champion in people.  As a golf professional, I have taught thousands of people how to connect to their power in the golf swing.  As an educator, I have personally trained over 6,000 students to become academic champions.  As a certified life-coach, I have brought together all my training in peak performance from sports, my love for people from my background in ministry, and my eagle eye for discerning the deeper root of a problem and how to release people from their emotional knots.  I just love helping people connect to their most authentic self and live powerfully from that place.  And that is exactly what I want to help you with this holiday season—to make a decision to relate to your loved ones from your place of power—not defensiveness or hurt or anticipated pain.

In short, my blessing is helping people to create fresh starts. I have discovered a simple and powerful approach to making a fresh connection with even the most impossible relationships that you can see results from right away.  My strategy is called:  Creating a shot of joy.

My approach to helping people create fresh relationship connections is all based on the champion mindsets I learned as a professional athlete.  As a golfer, I had to learn how to quickly release a bad shot and set up for a brand new shot within just a few minutes.  I also learned that THE BEST PLACE TO HIT A GREAT SHOT IS FROM THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE LIE. 

It’s all about your mindset.  If you get stuck behind a tree, you can give up, or you can create a shot.  It’s the same with people.  You can’t change the reality of your situation or the past, but you can create a brand new shot---right now.  It works just as well in relationships as it does on the golf course.


Using the Shots of Joy approach which I discovered through seven years of care-taking my mother who is now in heaven, I transformed my relationship with the person who was my greatest challenge. What began as a struggle with the most impossible relationship in my life ended up with Mom becoming my best friend.  Hatred turned to deep love and joy as I stopped trying to change her, and started working on reaching her.  She always thought the game of golf was stupid, until I taught her how to play at 85, and we enjoyed a perfect friendship on the course!  Through Shots of Joy, I created powerful memories that will live on forever.  I am now sharing my proven strategy with you!

What’s my secret to creating a transformational connection?  Here it is in a nutshell:  It all boils down to creating just one

Shot of Joy

It’s the easiest, fastest, most non-threatening way to make a brand new connection with your loved one.

A Shot of Joy is an intentional, “thought-out in advance” specific invitation to your person(s) of conflict inviting them to connect with you from a fresh angle without attachment to the outcome. Essentially, you are creating a new atmosphere that you both can “step into” to engage with one another.

The reason why we dread the holidays is because we know we can’t change the other person.  That is true.  However, with that mindset, we feel powerless to make a difference.  The good news is, transformation is not about changing the other person.  It’s about reaching the other person.  The greatest power you have is the power to create. And you have it.

“I thought my relationship with my son was over.  After implementing my first Shot of Joy, he agreed to meet me for lunch.  An hour and a half meeting turned into regular visits.  My relationship with my son is now completely restored.  Shots of Joy gave me hope and a winning strategy when all hope was gone.”

Diane M.

“I wanted a fresh relationship with my daughters, but there was always stress and struggle. After learning a simple secret from Shots of Joy on how to have an adult-to-adult friendship with my daughters, I am now enjoying my daughters’ company like I always desired.  It was so simple to implement and I am enjoying a whole new richness in my relationship with my daughters.”

Ova Jean S.

“I sent out a Shot of Joy to all my siblings last year.  Although my brother was the only one to respond, the re-bonding we experienced more than made up for the rest.  It gave my Christmas the meaning I was hoping for in the midst of a lot of family pain over the years.”


“My brother and I have needed to reconcile for years.  I sent out a Shot of Joy to my brother over Christmas, since I knew I was going to see him.  It has been such a release to me to have a cleansed heart and a renewed relationship with him.  I will never again wait so long to get things right.”


“I was dreading the Thanksgiving holiday because there was a certain family member who has caused me a lot of pain and separated me from my mother.  I realized what I wanted this year was a fresh connection with my mother.  Veronica helped me to set up my Shot of Joy—and I will be executing it this Thanksgiving.  My dread has already changed to hope and joy because I now know what I want and what I am going to do to make it happen!”


How about you?  Are you ready to create your shot of joy and transform your family dynamics? 

Here’s a SAMPLIING of the proven strategies I will deliver to you:


Relationship Dynamic Truth:  You can not change a person, but you can change the atmosphere. 

In this module you will learn how to:

Prepare your heart with a new mindset.

Find the open angle to connecting to your loved one.

Define your boundaries and protect your own heart in the process.

Discover what you need to do to change the atmosphere from negative to positive.

Set your sights on a new target:  one of joy!


Relationship Dynamic Truth:  Connecting with a person is not a matter of chemistry or personality, but using the right building blocks of relationships. 

In this module you will learn:

The seven building blocks of relationships and what creates powerful conversations, because the CONVERSATION IS THE RELATIONSHIP. 

What you are doing to sabotage the conversation and immediately replace those dynamics with the right building blocks of relationships. 

How to get aligned—spirit, mind, and body--with your shot of joy.


Relationship Dynamic Truth:  You can’t change the past, but you can start fresh right now.

In this module you will:

Connect to your power of creativity.

Set up your personal shot of joy using the Five R’s:

  1. Re-frame:  What do you want to change?
  2. Reflect: What would warm your heart?  What do you want to see happen? What scenario would your challenging loved one respond to?
  3. Release:  What disempowering emotion do you need to let go of?
  4. Resolve:  What disempowering emotion will you refuse to engage in?
  5. Re-create:  What would a shot of joy look like?  What action steps will you take to make it happen?  What are you willing to do without concern for the outcome?

I will personally take you by the hand and lead you step by step through this proven strategy of creating your shot of joy.

Here’s how I am going to deliver it to you:

3 MP3 recorded coach trainings taken from my live half day workshop.

You will receive a link to both the DVD recordings AND the CD audio recordings to either watch or listen to.

So now you’re probably wondering, what’s all of this going to cost me?  Great question!
Let me ask you first.  What is it going to cost you to go through one more holiday in emotional pain and estrangement from your family?  What would it mean to you to end this year in a personal victory?  What richness would it add to your life to have that meaningful and fresh connection with your loved one---or at least to move through the holiday season without regret and dread?  What would it be worth to you to have a simple strategy for future fresh connections that you could build on?

Because I wanted to get this transformational training to you right away, I have focused on the most powerful elements of the program—so that you can learn it and apply it now.  I have also made it very affordable to you at only $47 for the entire training.

Think about how much you spend on decorations and gifts—all the outward stuff that doesn’t change a thing.  Why not make a minimal investment in a gift that has the potential to make a lasting change and get you the gift you really want—that heart to heart connection with your loved one(s)?

What would it be worth to you to have a fresh family connection this holiday season?

Ready to get started or still have a few questions?

Q.  My family is so dysfunctional.  How will I know if this will work?
A.  You will never know if they will respond or not unless you take a step.  If you want
      to experience something new, you have Do something new.

Q.  What if I send out my Shot of Joy and they don’t respond?
A.  You can not control another person’s response, so I can’t guarantee your outcome. 
      What I can promise is the sense of positive empowerment you will experience
      as a result of clearing your own heart—and keeping an open heart before them
      regardless of their response.

Q.  Does this take the place of counseling?
A.  No.  Counseling deals with fixing past problems.  A Shot of Joy is all about creating
     a fresh family connection in the moment, regardless of the problems you face.  It’s
     not about fixing.  It’s about creating something BRAND NEW, RIGHT NOW.

Q.  What if I already have my holiday plans set?
A.   No problem.  You can set up your Shot of Joy within the context of your plans
      already made.

Ready to move from separation to connection this holiday season?

Yes, Veronica! I want to transform my holiday experience and create a fresh family connection right away with the Shots of Joy Workshop!

For my investment of $47, I understand I'm going to get:

  • 3 MP3 recorded training calls walking me through each of the modules
  • A resource you can immediately download and listen to
  • You will receive a link to both the DVD recordings AND the CD audio recordings to either watch or listen to.


All this for $47


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So are you ready to get started? Transforming your family strife into fresh family joy is just a few weeks away!

P.S. If you deeply desire a fresh family connection this holiday season, I urge you to invest in this training.  The best gift you can give this holiday is the one from your heart—and it deserves to be expressed.  You are going to learn a brand new way of relating to your loved ones—it’s simple, effective, and it is going to equip you to move into the holiday season from a powerful place.


To having an unforgettably great holiday and Christmas season,


Veronica Karaman, Your Shots of Joy Coach
True Champion Coaching, Founder

The founder of True Champion Coaching, Veronica Karaman's passion for the last 25 years has been helping people to get in touch with their most authentic self and to live powerfully from that place--releasing the true  champion within. A graduate of Duke University and Regent University, Veronica began her professional career as tour player and golf instructor. Her career highlight was playing in the 1989 Women's U.S. Open. She now brings her champion mind-sets from sports into her life-coaching and personal leadership practice empowering people to live with fresh focus, passion, and joy.  She has personally trained over 6,000 students to be academic champions, through her widely acclaimed curriculum called God's Way to an A.  After helping her mother to blossom late in life, she also loves to equip senior women to re-discover themselves in their second blossoming, and help families make fresh joyful generational connections. A nationally renowned speaker and author, Veronica currently resides in Pinehurst, North Carolina where she still loves to wack the ball, and help others to play their best game on the fairway, in the classroom, and in life!

Veronica Karaman, Your Shots of Joy Coach
True Champion Coaching, Founder